What can you learn during the trial period of StaffCop?

After finishing the trial period of StaffCop the majority of companies have to make crucial decisions concerning their business processes. We hear about data leakage quite often, although the majority of the directors are sure that it won’t happen to their companies.

What can you learn from the results of StaffCop trial period?

Confidential data leakage, work for competitors. A company director couldn’t think StaffCop would be of any help to him and agreed to get a trial period to make sure of that. As a result, he revealed active communications of sales department with one of the competitors, theft from advertising budget by a marketing specialist, active work of a leading engineer for another employer in the corporate AutoCad application.

Theft of materials, usage of corporate resources for personal needs. Another company decided to get an information security audit by StaffCop. They revealed theft of materials, fraud schemes between departments, usage of corporate resources for personal needs and other “amazing” things. As a result, it was decided to purchase StaffCop license for 110 workstations. It paid back 8 times within 2 years.

Sometimes, a company can suspect that something goes wrong, but can’t find proof for that. The audit helps to reveal the “weak link”.

Unauthorized sell, usage of corporate computers for crypto currency mining. A car selling company doesn’t fulfill the sales plan, the directors suspect theft, but they can’t catch employees in the act. In the results of internal audit unauthorized car parts selling was revealed, an operator of the call-center was caught mining crypto currency on his corporate computer.

A trade company was receiving complaints about low level of the client service. Certifications and formal verifications lead to no results: the employees showed high professional and communication skills. When configuring the system, the director asked to enable microphones sound recording. When he received the results of the audit, he was extremely surprised: one of the support team played computer games the majority of time, another one spent his time on travel agencies web-sites, and the third one created the atmosphere of aggression and carelessness. After the audit was finished, the company director fired a large part of the staff and reworked the working day regulations.

File operations monitoring along with user activity monitoring gives an effect useful not only security officers but also for the HR department, system administrators and chiefs of all levels. The received information not always require punitive measurements. Quite often modest employees are revealed that make the basis of the company.

The staff of a developing company was working on clients’ projects. In the common workflow it’s hard to understand who works applying maximum efforts and who skives behind his colleagues’ backs. Audit with the means of StaffCop revealed two employees working as much as if there were three of them, not demanding salary increase and seldom go on vacation. Of course, that can’t go unnoticed. The employees were promoted, and that affected their salaries and vacation time.

What’s the employees’ reaction to the monitoring system? Conscionable employees don’t care about that as they work at their workplaces and they don’t have anything to worry about. There are more causes of good attitude to the monitoring system as it leads not only to firings and punitive measures, but also to promotions and improvements of business-processes. As a rule, the presence of a monitoring system in a company helps to establish order in the company and have a good effect on company’s efficiency and on the working discipline in the first place.