Work time tracking, employee monitoring and remote control

It’s hard to imagine a modern company without a computer network. Usage of workstations increases employee productivity due to increased speed of information search, information exchange and the ability to communicate with remote colleagues. However, computers and access to the internet can become the reasons of distraction of employees from their duties. Communication in social networks and instant messengers, online and offline computer games – this is only a part of the list. So it’s very important to organize and track working time usage.

Information technologies, quality and speed of internet channels allow top managers to interact with employees even being abroad. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to carry out remote control of employees, including situations when there are several geographically distributed offices, and when there are employees working remotely from home.

StaffCop is a bundled software system able to track working time and monitor usage of corporate resources. The main functions of the solution are:

To crown it all, the reports are automatically built on the basis of the collected data. An employee can get a quick realization of necessity of using instant messengers or other resources. The reports are very handy for organizing the work time of the staff, including remote employees.