Keylogger is a special kind of software that logs history of pressing keys and represents it the form of text that was input with the keyboard.

In most cases, keyloggers work in invisible mode – a user doesn’t suspect he is being monitored. Keyloggers are often masked to look like system processes or services so they can’t can’t be seen in the list of launched Windows processes. It’s really hard to reveal a keylogger.

Not many Anti-viruses can find a professional keylogger. But anyway, the antivirus bases should be timely updated and it’s recommended to install a module protecting against spyware – this module can be found in almost all antiviruses.

More often, keylogger is used for illegal purposes – stealing passwords for various authorization systems, e-mail accounts, bank accounts, dating sites. Nevertheless, there are some legal ways of using keyloggers:

Anyway, other users should be warned about usage of keyloggers to monitor them – thus should be done after receiving their acceptance. Otherwise, it’s illegal.

Lately a lot of information security systems began to include keyloggers in the list of their modules. So it’s included in StaffCop Enterprise as well. StaffCop can boast having a wide list data monitoring tools besides the leylogger module.