StaffCop update - StaffCop Enterprise 4.7 released!

StaffCop Server now works on Ubuntu 18.04, Linux-agent functionality got significantly extended, now StaffCop is compatible with Windows 2019 and has more features for Active Directory integration.

StaffCop Enterprise 4.7

Now relevant protocols are also intercepted – Skype (8.55), Office 365 and HCL Notes. Besides, we improved interception mechanism for files that are sent to print.

A new console for management of information security incidents has been added in order to simplify their collection and processing. New features for collecting evident base (e.g. taking screenshots of a remote desktop while viewing it in real time).

New reports on employee productivity and new ways to control their activity. Now you can see in details what and when a user was doing at his workstation and contribute the report with screenshots.

We have implemented one of the newest technologies – neural networks. The technology is used to recognize faces of employees (on screenshots, web-cam snapshots, e.t.c), recognize stamps on documents.

Full list of new featurest are available in the Changelog.

“The motto of the new version is “More speed, flexibility and efficiency!”. More optimization, integration, new interception channels – creating a solution on the basis of modern technologies we make information security more affordable” – says Dmitry Kandybovich, CEO of “Atom Security” LLC.