Computerworld analyzed the burst of WFH

StaffCop got mentioned in an article about employee monitoring during COVID-19

In his article published 29th of October Matthew Finnegan, a senior reporter of Computerworld magazine, shared his comprehensive analysis of the situation around employee monitoring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article is based on the feedback of employers who now have to arrange business process remotely. Together with them, Matthew also interviewed a number of vendors whose employees monitoring software is mostly used. Although, the majority of vendors didn't provide any answers to Matthew's questions, those who replied mentioned the increase of demand for their solutions. As the title of the article has it, that this situation has already become normal: employees working remotely from home and employeers monitoring their efficiency with the hlp of software means.

Neverheless, the employers confessed that they really "had it coming" and they would have found themselves in this situation sooner or later: COVID-19 outbreak just accelerated it dramatically. The main obstacle that was stopping employers from monitoring was the fear if stepping onto an unknown path where mutual trust seemed to be questioned. However, after the first months after introducing employee monitoring software it became obvious that there was nothing to fear: in fact the solution provided new opporunities both for employers and employees.