StaffCop got 4 stars in PCMAG review

They constantly work to discover new product tests and refine old ones - and recently they updated the review about StaffCop in the category "Employee Monitoring Software". The previous review was released back in 2017, we've added a lot of new functions to our product since that time and some of them got into this review update.

StaffCop got 4 stars editor's rating with the following bottomline: "StaffCop Enterprise is an thorough employee monitoring solution with a rich selection of tools. It enables powerful surveillance, data gathering and reporting, though it still requires on-premises installation."

And this conclusion is very precise!

    At this particular moment we provide only on-premises type of installtion, no cloud option available. StaffCop Enterprise was designed to fit best security practices, that's why we focused on the on-premises type of installation:
  1. All the collected data is stored within the customer's infrastracture
  2. StaffCop (or any other third party) doesn't have access to customer's data
  3. This type of installation better helps to comply with GDPR, PCI-DSS and other standards
  4. StaffCop can work in closed networks (wihout internet connection)
    To crown it all, StaffCop Enterprise is based on Linux-based OS - the type of OS better fitting for servers due to the higher level of sustainability. So, excluding the cloud-based type of installation, StaffCop Enterprise can be installed on:
  • Bare-metal server
  • Ubuntu 16.04/18.04
  • Windows (inside a virtual machine)
  • Third-party server (AWS, Google Cloud, etc)
  • However, we can fully agree that there is a demand for clous-based service, especially among companies in SMB sector which just don't have server capabilities or/and manpower with IT expertise to administrate Linux-based systems. Our team is working on a cloud-based solution based on StaffCop Enterprise, that will unite its sustainability with the ease-of-use provided by cloud-based services. According to our most optimistic forecast, it's expected in the early 2021.