Information Security
Activity Monitoring, User Behavior Analytics, Productivity Optimization & Insider Threat Detection in a Single Platform
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Effective defense against data breaches, data leaks, and IP theft
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an approach used to stop your employees and vendors from accidentally or intentionally sharing sensitive and company confidential data to an outside entity. The program is designed to identify what types of data and communication channels are sensitive, design policies and rules for data usage scenarios. Next, it monitors user actions, validates them against the DLP rules, and takes appropriate action if and when a rule condition is triggered. 

DLP: Data loss prevention, user activity monitoring, and insider threats detection in a single platform
‘User-centric,’ endpoint Data Loss Prevention is an advanced solution that comprises intelligent behavioral analysis that identifies human factors like malicious intent, errors, or accidents, allowing you to implement effective protection against data breaches and other exfiltration attempts. Features foreign to the traditional DLP approaches. By addressing data loss, cybersecurity, and insider threats, StaffCop’s DLP provides the best return of investment for organizations of any size - SMBs, enterprises, and the public sector companies alike. Besides, StaffCop enables you to conform to compliance regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001.
User activity monitoring
The user activity monitoring feature ensures that all user activity, including third-party vendors and privileged users, for 22+ system objects like website, application, keystroke, IM, email, network, etc., are continuously tracked.
Policy and Rules Engine
StaffCop offers users hundreds of pre-built rule templates, activity classification lists, and data categories to run the software instantly. Further, you can design your own policies and rules with an intuitive, visual rule editor and use natural English, regular expressions, and sample conditions to easily define your requirements. Creating monitoring profiles for individual employees, groups or departments is also possible with this solution.
Insider threat detection
With this feature, you can have visibility into all web/app activity, duration, IP/URL, and know which individuals, groups, or departments are productive and unproductive. It also offers real-time alerts and trend reports that show what rules were broken, when, by whom, what action was taken, and the context.
Content discovery and classification
StaffCop uses customized vocabularies to discover and identify sensitive data from both structured and unstructured sources.
Advanced OCR
The advanced OCR feature alongside natural language processing (NLP) and RegEx allows users to discover contents on the go and detect sensitive data inside images and applications.
Clipboard monitoring
The clipboard Monitoring and Interception component prevents sensitive data from being shared through the clipboard copy/paste operations.
Fingerprinting and tagging
StaffCop also comes with powerful fingerprinting and tagging features that help companies discover important documents and files and then monitors their usage so that you can keep track of your data even when modified or transferred.
Compliance Management
Companies can also leverage StaffCop to develop activity and schedule-based rules to support several common compliance requirements like implementing audit trails (GDPR), limiting unauthorized login (ISO 27001), prevent unencrypted file transfers (PCI DSS), reporting, etc.
Risk management
Given that risk management is crucial to every company, StaffCop’s DLP solution is designed to identify and focus on high-risk users and areas, policies, and system objects.
Industry Statistics Prove the
Need for Employee Monitoring
Data breaches lead to huge financial losses
A 2018 study conducted by the Ponemon Institute revealed that a data breach's average cost rose by 6.4% with a range of $3.86M - $350M.
$3.86M avg. cost of a breach
$350% for elaborate breach
Sensitive data at high risk due to user privilege
According to a Cybersecurity Insiders survey of 400,000 online members published on The Insider Threat 2018 report
37% of sensitive data leaks are as a result of Excess Privilege
34% increased in the amount of sensitive data leaks
Data leak incidents are rising at an alarming rate
In 2018, the rate of data breaches reported by federal survey respondents was 57%, more than 3x higher than what they measured 2 years ago.
In other words, there was a 300% increase in data breaches between 2016 and 2018.
Ip losses due to cybercrime are costing companies worldwide
According to the Community Emergency Response Team, $60B is the upper range for annual global loss in IP
Information Security with StaffCop delivers Immediate
Business Benefits
Block prohibited applications
StaffCop can not only track application activity but also prevent specified applications from launching. For example, corporate policy forbids usage of torrent clients on workstations. We can add uTorrent to the black list of applications. In this case, if a user tries clicking the shortcut or the .exe file itself nothing will happen. On the other hand, we can specify a list of applications that can be accessed, while ALL that are not in the white list will not work. For example, we add Word, Excel and Thunderbird to the list - the user will be able to launch ONLY them.
Block access to websites
You can use StaffCop to block particular web-sites that can be distracting or harmful for working process.
Black list. Add domains or URLs of web-sites that will be blocked. All other web-sites can still be accessed.
White list. Add domains or URLs of web-sites that will be allowed. In this example, we allowed access to, Bitrix24 and Capterra. ALL other web-sites will be bloked. White lists are useful in case corporate policy allows working ONLY with a narrow range of web-sites.
Powerful policy & rules editor
StaffCop’s flexible platform and powerful rules engine allow for the creation of rules editor and visual policies to easily address data loss prevention needs of any organization. These tools enable administrators to define highly complex rules for very specific use cases with oversight on all internal and external disk activity, keystrokes, application usage, instant message, and much more. Other offerings include: black/white listing, defining safe or restricted apps and websites, etc.
Block USB devices by IDs or classes
StaffCop provides flexible options for blocking USB devices on the basis of black and white lists. If you need to block particular devices, add their IDs to the "Block" list. All the other devices can be accessed. If you need to use only particular USB devices, add their IDs to the "Allow" list. ALL other devices will be blocked. The same principle can be applied for devices classes, for example, we can forbid usage of all external video/audio devices or to allow usage only of printers, keyboards and mouses.
Monitor Privileged Employees and Third-Party Vendors
StaffCop functionality also encompasses preventing potential employee-employee or employee-third party collusion attempts. It allows organizations to create profiles for remote, privileged, external vendors and then define what information and system resources each profile can access. Further, rules can be established by behavior policies so that access to sensitive information is determined by the organization's security policy or on a need-to-know basis. Rules can also be set up to notify the authorities of any suspicious privileged employee and third-party vendor activity, such as unscheduled and/or unauthorized changes to system configuration, creation of backdoor accounts, etc.
Reduce Organizational Risk and Protect Yourself with Proof
This remote software solution provides components that facilitate the evidence-gathering process, enabling companies to collect solid proof and carry out action against malicious employees. Instant snapshots, session recordings, and history playback features can be used to view employees' desktops and exported or shared with law enforcement authority.
Data breach audit with forensic evidence
StaffCop is like a time machine. Thanks to its session recordings and history playback features, you can go back in time and see what a particular employee was doing in a specified period in the past, view breach events and actions that were taken in response to the incidents. Basically, these features are crucial to auditing and evidence gathering.
Data risk identification and management
StaffCop determines what behaviors are high risk – using cloud storage to share corporate documents, copying files to external drives, downloading/opening files and attachments from unknown sources etc. It also applies advanced behavior-based rules to automatically detect when employees violate the rules. And leverages sophisticated anomaly rules to identify employee activity outside the normal behavior. When an employee's activity becomes a threat, the system is immediately notified and swings into action.
The Right Employee Monitoring
and DLP Solution for Every Need
Information Security
Receive the required data “on the fly”. Search by keywords and regular expressions. Record sound from microphones to hear what was happening at the moment of interest. .
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Remote Administration
View remote desktop without being notices. Take control over a workstation.  Full picture of software and hardware usage. Intensity of usage and registry of states.
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Employee Monitoring
Categorize applications and web-sites into productive and unproductive. Set up different configurations for particular users, groups and departments. Compare results. .
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Flexible Deployment Options
Bare Metal
Install on bare metal from our ISO image containing Ubuntu 18.04 and StaffCop or install StaffCop packages on existing Ubuntu 18.04.
Virtual Machine
Install on any OS as a virtual machine from our ISO image, use Virtual Box, VMWare, Hyper-V or any other virtualization system. Easy administrating without risking the host machine.
Private Cloud
Use your own secure, scalable private cloud implementation including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more
92% of companies detect serious violations when testing StaffCop
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