Why Us?
On-Premise installation
Built-in templates for cardholder data, including: Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Financial Information (PFI), CC numbers, bank a/c, ABN/swift codes and more.Deep content inspection in both structured and unstructured data.‘On the fly’ content discovery with advanced OCR and digital fingerprinting.
Perpetual license
Perpetual license represensts one-time payment for the right to use software. Access to upgrades and technical support is optional and is free for the first 12 months. Then prolongation can be purchased additionaly. This type of license is suitable in following cases: 1) the system is going to be used for a long period of time (for years), 2) customer has high-qualified IT department and doesn't often need assistance of StaffCop support team.
Fully customized reports
These days employee monitoring market features a number of decent solutions allowing to monitor staff efficiency. Usually, with the help of similar instruments: web-sites and applications are categorized as productive or unproductive, screenshots are taken at a needed interval, sometimes keystrokes are also logged. The output is represented by a number of reports containing the collected data and in most cases these reports suffice. But what if the task is not so common? What if we need to exclude a slice of data from the report or change the way it looks? This can be done by creating custom reports with StaffCop.
All-in-One solution
StaffCop Enterprise is an All-In-One solution which means that the official distribution contains all the functions provided by StaffCop and they are easily enabled or disabled. We don't charge for each module separately. In case some of the modules are strongly needed to be disabled (to prevent violations by employees responsible for operating StaffCop) we recommend to create administrator accounts without the permissions to change configuration OR/AND document the responsibility of usage the system.
Web-based interface
StaffCop Enterprise is managed with the help of web-based administrative interface. It means that to open the admin panel StaffCop User should enter the IP address of the computer (server) with StaffCop Server. What benefits does this implementation have? 1) no need to install additional application for adminstrating the system 2) admin interface can be accessed outside the local network from anywhere with internet connection. 3) A single instance of the system can be used for administrating several departments or even companies with a single admin interface by using different credentials.
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