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Employee Email Tracking Features
StaffCop’s email monitor feature records all events associated with incoming and outgoing emails, from typing and attaching content when sending to reading and accessing attachments for the purpose of visual playback
It can be used to monitor emails on all email platforms, including Outlook (web & desktop), Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, track and save email attachments.
It ensures company policy and procedures are being adhered to in all employee e-mail
It tracks networking and collaboration emails to refine messages and optimize return on investment from outreach campaigns
It sends automatic alerts when non-corporate accounts or suspicious hosts receive emails
You can set alerts based on email content, recipient, subject, or any other property.
E-mail correspondence graph
Build the relation graph of e-mail correspondence to see the e-mail recipients of each user. The fugures on the arrows mean the numbers of e-mails. If you click any of them you will see the corresponding e-mail thread. This graph is very useful in case of a data leak investigation as it helps revealing the whole chain of events and all the participants.
Files sent by e-mail
See the all the files that were sent by e-mail as attachments. If the files are represented by images they are available for a preview in the list. The files can be downloaded for further studying. The list can be of much use if we know what files should be searched for.
E-mail quantinty heatmap
E-mail quantity heatmap is a vivid representation of the amount of e-mails in relation to timeline. Each day is represented by a cell, the darker its color - the higher the amount of e-mails. The heatmap is useful to detect anomalies in e-mail routine, and unusually high e-mail activity may be a reson for a deeper investigation.
IMAP Grabber (collects all e-mails from mail server)
This feature allows to collect all the correspondence that goes through your corporate mail server. It will collect e-mails sent or received from any device (including mobile phones). For this policy a special e-mail account should be creted on your corporate mail server that will receive a copy of each email to send it to StaffCop.
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