Instant Message Monitoring
Monitor chats over web or desktop apps
Block chats on any platform
Alert on keywords in conversation
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Instant Message Monitoring
This unique software is also designed to monitor and react to any chat conversation, regardless of the platform being used: web or application-based. And its StaffCop agent captures all chat content, including file transfers, and indexes them for easy access.
Alert administrators when users chat with certain people or on certain platforms
You can set application-specific alerts to notify administrators of the development of potential security threats
Read messages in dialogues and threads
If you have noticed that employees use any communications channels that are not allowed by corporate security policies (e.g. Skype), you can check the communication to see if there was anything dangerous there, it works both for one-to-one chats and group chats.
SIP tracking
Besides tracking instant messangers StaffCop also tracks SIP-communications. This function can be very useful for call-centers, when employees productivity is in direct ratio to the amount of phone calls made with softphones. Staffcop shows the amount of call together with their duration.
Channel communication graph
When you build a communication graph for a channel (e.g. Telegram) you can see the accounts (phone numbers or groups or channels) a user communicated with. The numbers on the arrows mean the number of messages in communication with a particular user or in a particular channel. If you click it, you will see the list of messages.
Pie chart on communication channels
Pie chart on communication channels shows the ratio of each channel to the whole picture, as well as their usage by a particular user.
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