Network activity monitoring
Usage of protocols (https, http)
Connections to certain IP addresses
FTP connections
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Application Monitoring
StaffCop can get info on network connections, with such fitering criteria as IP and ports. This ability can be useful for system administrators in case corporate policy has a specification for using certain ports. FTP connections are tracked with the ability to see the sent/recieved files. Activity in cloud storages (e.g. Google Drive) is monitored.
Usage of ports
For example, we need to understand which ports are used by which applications and check if all of them are allowed by the corporate policy. The piechart presented on screenshot below will show us the share of each applications in total amount of usage of ports.
Usage of protocols
StaffCop tracks traffic sent/recieved throught encrypted https connections. We can see what websites were visited through encrypted https protocol, and if any of them seems suspecious we can see all the web visiting details by clicking the corresponding item of the pie chart.
FTP connections
With StaffCop you can track FTP connections including info on the IP address, login/pasword pair and the applications used for connection. In case shadow-copying option is enabled StaffCop allows to see all the files sent/receive through FTP.
Cloud storages
With StaffCop you can track connections to cloud storages (e.g Google Drive) as well as to your corporate network discs. If the shadow-copying option is enabled you will be able to see the files uploaded to cloud storages.
Wi-Fi connections
StaffCop will show you the Wi-Fi connection with SSID (network name). Wi-Fi networks can be blocked on the basis on white and black lists. It's useful in case employees are allowed to use only corporate networks due to the security issues.
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