StaffCop Enterprise
Activity Monitoring, User Behavior Analytics, Productivity Optimization & Insider Threat Detection in a Single Platform
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Productivity tracking
Activity Monitoring, User Behavior Analytics, Productivity Optimization & Insider Threat Detection in a Single Platform
Advantages of our product
Helps reduce the risks of data leakage and loss of reputation
Gives transparency in the workflow
Allows you to track employees working remotely from home
Allows you to see your business processes in reality
The Right Employee
Monitoring and DLP Solution
for Every Need
Information Security
Receive the required data “on the fly”. Search by keywords and regular expressions. Record sound from microphones to hear what was happening at the moment of interest.
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Remote Administration
View remote desktop without being notices. Take control over a workstation.  Full picture of software and hardware usage. Intensity of usage and registry of states.
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Employee Monitoring
Categorize applications and web-sites into productive and unproductive. Set up different configurations for particular users, groups and departments. Compare results.
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A solution for your
every task
Information Security
StaffCop provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis and context-rich logging of insider activity.
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Employee Monitoring
StaffCop Enterprise logs the beginning and the end of each employee’s workday, including lunch and coffee breaks, etc. It enables executives and employees, themselves, to improve discipline at the workplace and reduce idle periods.
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Remote Administration
Monitor processes and applications, system events, and remote desktop connection makes StaffCop a must-have tool for an IT specialist. Monitor and analyze user actions on workstations with X-Windows window nanager as well as in terminal mode.
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92% of companies detect serious violations when testing StaffCop
Advantages of our product
For healthcare
For government
For financial services
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How can I get started?

Install StaffCop 
Install StaffCop on-premises or on private cloud (AWS, Google Cloud)
Install Agents
Install the agents on the machines you wish to monitor.
Customize Settings
Customize our pre-defined rules for your use-case
Take Control!
Start using the dashboard to secure your domain and gain insight into users' activities.
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